We are taking an indefinite break from publishing. Submissions sent to us at this time will not be considered. Thank you.

  • We accept submissions via email. The subject line of your email should indicate your first name and the genre (e.g. Davis: Poetry).
  • All submissions should be sent as email attachments in docx./doc. format. We do not accept submissions in PDF, txt or EPUB formats.
  • We publish accepted pieces online and as downloadable eBook.
  • We do not accept previously published work. We consider works appearing on personal blogs as previously published. However, for work appearing on social media, we ask that you remove it prior to publication if we accept it.
  • Simultaneous submissions are fine, but do well to inform us if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  • Include a brief biographical note with your submission (150 words maximum) and your name as you would want it to appear if your work is published. This should appear in the last page of your submission document.
  • Submitted file should bear your first name.

Specific guidelines for each category are available below:


  • You can send 1-5 unpublished poems in a single word document.
  • We accept poems of any length and style.
  • You can submit poems written in other languages if you can provide an English translation.
  • We are definitely not interested in “art for art’s sake”. Your poem must communicate to stand a chance of being accepted. For a sense of the kind of work we are looking for, please read at least two of our most recent issues.
  • Please note that poems with special formatting (e.g. indented lines) may not work well in the online version of our issue. While our attempt to maintain the formatting of such poems might work for one browser, it might not work so well for another.
  • If your poem is published in U-Rights Magazine, it is automatically placed on consideration for inclusion in our print anthology, Noise. We will contact you if your work is selected.
  • Upon acceptance, we will ask you to submit an audio recording of your poem. Though this is optional, we will like our readers to follow you as you read your poem. Audios will be made available for download on our website.



  • Essays should not be longer than 3500 words.
  • Send only one essay per submission.
  • All essays should be submitted as word documents attached to the email.
  • Plagiarism is not condoned.


  • Send 1-2 pieces as an email attachment in word format (doc., docx).
  • The pieces should be attached separately.
  • Stories should not exceed 5000 words.


All submissions should be sent to


EDITORS: this issue will be read by four readers. Any selection made by the readers is final.

DEADLINE: the deadline for the current submission window is November 25, 2020.

COPYRIGHT: all rights revert to you upon publication. But we ask that you cite U-Rights Magazine as the first publisher of your work in cases of reprint.

PAYMENT: We are not able to pay our contributors at this time; we look forward to changing this policy with time. If your work is published in U-Rights, we give it the exposure it deserves.

All questions concerning these guidelines should be forwarded to

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