Editor’s Note

posted by Joseph Lukpata on Jan 6 2021, 8:28 am


For more than a year now, U-Rights magazine has been conducting annual writing issues for poetry and fiction.  Regardless of demography, a plethora of entries pour in each issue, amounting to hundreds from many African countries and many countries beyond. The startling quality of writing that reaches our professional editors has inspired several comments. Without mincing words, we are certain that now more than ever, these intelligent voices need to be heard and projected.

This year, we received nothing less than stunning from eager pens around the world. This time around, there were more writers with clues and purposes to touch the depth of critical subject matters affecting the world today. We generally feel the urgency in these stories budding from the mind of a writer far away as she sat stoically in front of her laptop, waiting for the cascade of emotions to spill onto the empty page; or he hovered his ink above a paper, thinking of how best to weave his feelings into words.

This issue comprises a total of 21 pieces from 16 writers. The best entries—as by subjective judgement—have been selected to extract the necessary results that follow any good read: brimming eyes, very big grin, or an aching heart. Albeit it was a very difficult task, it is only the editor’s curse to select a certain number, despite how much he yearns to pick the rest.

On this note, I’d consider myself remiss if I failed to acknowledge the tireless team of editors who have to go through the all-important and delicate selection process.  I also wish to thank our contributors. We love to share your creative thinking. And to all readers, we hope you find this issue as rewarding as we have found it.


Eremika Favour Patarh-Ebere,
Issue Editor.