The Vengeance of Time

Author(s) : Shimbo William,
poetry, issue-two

We travel far in the spaces and we return to time
We read the infinite skies and draw maps over roads
We may touch hearts, or hit, or hurt, or run
Eyes peek atop the left wrist in recurrent bewilderment
The haste is pressing, to pick to the volatile moods of fate
The wrist covers the eyes to liven frightened blinks
Presuming that time’s distressing marathon will soon ease.
Time takes us places and brings us back home
We are never freed from the chains we made
The hurt over the wounds we saw opening scribes live scars
Which mimic our secrets in thick ink over the aged canvases of time
These die not, that we crouch in groans where we first rose with pride.
Time keeps its fair vengeance,
And its vengeance hits very hard.


About the Author

Shimbo Pastory William is a writer, an editor, and a poet. He is in the final year of his concurrent pursuit of B.A. degree in Philosophy and Diploma in Religious Studies at the Spiritan Missionary Seminary, an Affiliated Institute to the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) Nairobi. Shimbo was previously an editor for the Writers Space Africa (WSA) Monthly Literary Magazine. He was also poetry editor for the Poetica Poetry Magazine which is published quarterly by the African Writers Development Trust (AWDT).
Shimbo has been twice (2018-2019) a member of the judging panel of the Daughters Destined for Purpose (DD4P) nationwide Poetry Competition in Zimbabwe. His works have appeared in The Leader Catholic Newspaper, a weekly newspaper published by the Catholic Archdiocese of Owerri, Nigeria, Writers Space Africa Magazine, Poetica Magazine, SpillWords, The Kalahari Review, U-Rights Magazine, AllPoetry, Hello Poetry, Friends Magazine, The Fountain Magazine, and Kiongozi and Tumaini Letu Catholic Newspapers published in Tanzania. Shimbo’s first book ‘Teens and Schooling’ was published in 2016.