My Girlfriend Says She would Die in a Street Lamp

Author(s) : Nnadi Samuel ,
poetry, issue-two

when we found her robbing death of its lumens beside a highway.
her eyes were jejune tangerines.
peeled into the barks of our anemic street lamp.
because it held her blood in a lit cell.

there is a disturbing need for more lamps on the streets across my country.
everyday a girl is plucked into the ripe night.
& nobody cares to know from which branch she fell off.
they simply rear her in slices of their curse words, when they refer to her mother.

i lost my girlfriend to a blind date with her guilt.
she was tensely dressed, except for a little flaw in her mascara.
& how it didn’t thicken the cloud she carried beneath her eyelashes.
he proposed, & she fell head over heels, into a bulb that mates an army of dragonflies.

i admired her beautiful looks in the lamp.
she seemed more handsome in death, than she had been in life.
more pleased that a whole city couldn’t do without her now.
a car stopped by, & asked why the other roundabout was not lit.

i smiled.
& told him, each time a street lamp comes erect, a maidenhead goes limp.
he shook his head & zoomed off.
this time, with my regrets boldly seasoned on his plate number.


About the Author

Nnadi Samuel is a 20-year-old graduate of English & literature from the University of Benin. His works  have previously published in libretto magazine, Artifact magazine, Inverse Journal, Awakening Review, The Collidescope, Jams & Sand magazine & elsewhere. He got shortlisted in the annual Poet’s Choice writing & was the 2nd prize winner of the EOPP 2019 contest. If he is not writing, you find him reading out memes on Facebook @ Samuel Samba.