Author(s) : Milly Brown,
poetry, issue-two

Warm blue candle on a shelf
Round stone
Incense burner Buddha
Slightly blackened
Shell wind chimes tinkle slowly
In the doorway.
Music stands open on the piano.
On the table – a bowl of peppermints
A box of pretzels
An avocado telephone.
Brown cat on the ironing board
Closes his eyes.


About the Author

Milly Brown studied under Josephine Miles at U. C. Berkeley. Many of her poems have been printed in various publications over the years, most notably: Bangalore Review (2019); California Quarterly (2019); Desert Wood (UNR, 1991); Eclectic (1970); Hiram Poetry Review (1971); The Green Flag (City Lights Books, 1969). She took a long break from submitting, but she is revived.