Author(s) : Agbata Mary,
poetry, issue-three

Lost in this beauty
I thought would last
Faded trees and bloody oceans
So not a sight to behold

Tears and fear
Now my daily food
How scary it is
To read the news

Even climate screams at us
Scolding us with scorching heat
Mighty rain to wipe us out
Nature dances when we are inside

Like children who sweat day and night
From playing around and shouting away
We have destroyed a beauty queen
Giving her terrible punches every step of the way

We have committed a crime
But why do more
An ex-beauty queen
Now an abode of vices
War, kidnap, rape
A thick cloud of sorrow-WHY?


Agbata Ojochenemi Mary hails from Kogi state. She presently lives with her family in Kaduna state. A lover of literature, she has written a good number of poems, articles amongst others. Though a science student, she believes that the world would be better place if a stable art-science combo is found.