poetry, issue-one

When life was good
All could not wait, but tided in words
Simple, pleasant, living, colourful.
But time now tells, that candles light and die,
Until Good Will bring graces of light again.
Now that the climb gets steeper,
I’m speechless, her toil’s bitter,
Each dawn I rise dearer to fate, as set,
Fate that crowns clichés that birth movies.
I’m lost in the language, insulated from humor thereof,
I’m trapped in silence, tempted into smiles of futility
It’s anguish at play, shuddering core to goosebumps.
Nauseating, I die in words I’ve known for decades.
I mutter deep down, I muse – in stillness, in snapshots,
Of the sun setting, of the wooing roar of waters,
Of yester life’s pastness, of here, of futurity, of me.
I ponder – in words, in cries, in senses never learnt,
In lone, in deep discourse into the me-now-at-hand
I dream, I beam, in few words, in poesy, in time!
I am speechless.


 About the Author

Shimbo Pastory is a Tanzanian writer and poet. From 2017 to February 2019 he was a poetry editor for Writers Space Africa Magazine. He has also worked as editor for Poetica Poetry Magazine published by the African Writers Development Trust. He is studying Philosophy and Religious Studies at Spiritan Missionary Seminary, Arusha, an Affiliate to the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA). He has also been twice in the judging panel of the DD4P poetry competition held in Zimbabwe, 2018 and 2019.