hallucinating for beginners

poetry, issue-one

there were these
multi-hued threads
snaking from his
maroon-shirt shoulders

headless flower stems
that I tried to snatch
between thumb and finger

I heard myself say
look at the pretty colors

9 days later
another voice said
Wanda, open your eyes

it had all gone sideways
upside down flower heads
with no stems


About the Author

Wanda Morrow Clevenger is a Carlinville, IL native living in her husband’s hometown of Hettick, IL – population 200, give or take.  Over 600 pieces of her work appear in 170 print and electronic publications.  Her published chapbooks include:  This Same Small Town in Each of Us (2011 Edgar & Lenore’s Publishing) and the first two volumes of a 5-volume set released through Writing Knights Press.  young and unadorned (where the hogs ate the cabbage) and no dyeing in machines (where the hogs ate the cabbage).