Author(s) : Emmanuel Okoro,
poetry, issue-one

The day is fading at intervals
As her yellow face broods with
Dust of violet which beclouds
The bridges of nightfall.

Her natural switch is mind blowing
As she mixes clouds with pageantry
For Afrika’s

At The Seventh hour of the 90’s
She showed forth at the maiden’s dance
As a radiance
Pouring her beauty at the faces
Of the tired omalicha’s
Who were beaten with strokes
Of the wailing sun before her arrival.

Her Throne was laid at the village
As her light brooded through the
Where umuaka sat to stitch
Their minds with twilights of

Egwuregwu is the noise of
As they scream with spectaculous
Amazement to see birds flap their
Wings in skies of enthusiasm.

Abali Oma o!
This is the period
Where our lamps are raised
Dim with sad expectation of the
Scary dark clouds of mysteries.

Let’s play and walk around
The garlands of the streams
Of happiness
Before the soprano voice
Of dusk whispers Kachifonu.


Author’s note:
Umuaka is a general term for children in igbo language
Egwuregwu means playing in igbo language
Abali Oma means “good evening”in Igbo language
Kachifonu means “goodnight”in Igbo language


About the Author

Okoro Emmanuel Chukwuebuka was born on December 3rd 2002. He is a poet and a novelist. He hails from Abia State, Umuahia-South LGA. He aspires to be a diplomat and an international lawyer. He targets his literary works to correct ills in the society. His poem ‘Emergence’ has won the 2019 edition of Korea-Nigeria Poetry Prize (Junior Category).