Barring Any Clouds

Author(s) : Abasiama Udom,
poetry, issue-four

Mama will return today,
barring any clouds.
She will alight from the yellow troki-troki bus
that plies our village and yonder.
From her sister’s she visited her uncle,
brother of her father who is a friend
yes, even to her grand relative
and cousin to her mother’s aunt.
Barring any clouds,
Mama will come bearing fruits
of the Ncheku and Udala
to slap my thirsty tongue and cheeks,
to warm my cold grieving heart.
Mama will return with stories of the things faced by relatives
even them and they I have not met,
but I will listen for one day it’ll be my turn
to tell my children,
of branches wide and reaching
barring any clouds.


Abasiama Udom is a poet and writer with polymathic tendencies. Her works have been published in Kalahari Review, The Sandy River Review, Rigorous Magazine and elsewhere. She is constantly chasing new adventures but appreciates the constancy of food, music, books, family, sleep, and football in
her life. She tweets@AneuPoet.